Monday, March 29th 2021
Chairperson Time Speaker Title
09:00 Prof. M. Merklein Opening Ceremony
Joining by Forming
Prof. M. Merklein 09:15 Prof. P. Martins New Joining Concepts for Self-Pierce Riveting
09:40 F. Kappe New Approach for Versatile Self-Riveting: Joining System and Auxiliary Part
10:05 B. Uhe Influence of the Rivet Coating on the Friction during Self-Piercing Riveting
10:30 Coffee Break / Breakout Rooms
Prof. J. Duflou 10:45 S. Wituschek Friction Characterisation for a Tumbling Self-Piercing Riveting Process
11:10 M. Otroshi Modeling of Stiffness Anisotropy in Simulation of Self-Piercing Riveted Components
11:35 M. Busch Determination of the Interface Structural Resolution of an Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomograph Using a Spherical Specimen and a Gap Specimen Consisting of Gauge Blocks
12:00 D. Römisch Investigation of Different Joining by Forming Strategies when Connecting Different Metals without Auxiliary Elements
12:25 Lunch / Breakout Rooms
Prof. P. Martins 13:15 B. Gröger Temperature Dependent Modelling of Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Organo-Sheet Material for Forming and Joining Process Simulations
13:40 S. Friedlein A Finite Plasticity Gradient-Damage Model for Sheet Metals during Forming and Clinching
14:05 L. Ewenz Effect of different tool geometries on the mechanical properties of Al-Al clinch joints
14:30 C. Steinfelder Load Path Transmission in Joining Elements
14:55 Coffee Break / Breakout Rooms
Dr.-Ing. M. Lechner 15:10 M. Rossel Development of a Method for the Identification of Friction Coefficients in Sheet Metal Materials for the Numerical Simulation of Clinching Processes
15:35 B. Sadeghian A Method for Characterization of Geometric Deviations in Clinch Points with Computed Tomography and Transient Dynamic Analysis
16:00 D. Weiß Numerical and Experimental Fracture Mechanical Investigations of Clinchable Sheet Metals Made of HCT590X
16:25 End of Sessions


Tuesday, March 30th 2021
Chairperson Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Joining by Forming
Prof. G. Meschut 09:05 S. Harzheim A First Approach for the Treatment of Galvanic Corrosion and of Load-Bearing Capacity of Clinched Joints
09:30 C. Zirngibl Approach for the automated analysis of geometrical clinch joint characteristics
09:55 L. Lizzul Surface Treatment to Promote Joining of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic and AZ31 Magnesium Alloy for Fiber Metal Laminates via Hot Metal Pressing
10:20 / Breakout Rooms
Incremental Forming
Prof. H. Hagenah 10:35 M. Gucciardi Development of Magnetic Field-Assisted Single-Point Incremental Forming
11:00 H. Vanhove Multistep Incremental Forming beyond 100°
11:25 O. Zaheer On the Effectiveness of SPIF Process to Re-Form End-Of-Life Components as Compared to Conventional Forming Approach
11:50 E. Simonetto Incremental Roller-Flanging of Thick Metal Sheets
12:15 Y. Carette Geometry Compensation Methods for Increasing the Accuracy of the SPIF Process
12:40 Lunch / Breakout Rooms
13:20 Organiser's Meeting
Bonding and Welding
Prof. L. Fratini 13:50 M. Sanguedolce Influence of Roughness and Curing Temperature on the Strength of Aluminum Adhesively Bonded Joints
14:15 M. Keskitalo Microstructure and Formability of Laser Welded Dissimilar Butt Joints of Austenitic- Ferritic Stainless Steels
14:40 J. Mäkikangas Laser Welding of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel Lap Joint
15:05 M. Hietala Microstructural Evolution and Tensile Strength of Laser-Welded Butt Joints of Ultra-High Strength Steels: Low and High Alloy Steels
15:30 T. Rautio Laser Welding of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufactured Inconel 718: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
15:55 Coffee Break / Breakout Rooms
Prof. M. Merklein 16:10 I. F. Weiser Investigation of the Micro Hardness at the Cut Surface of Fine Blanked Parts with Variation of Sheet Material and Cutting Temperature
16:35 A. Biallas Material Model for the Production of Steel Fibers by Notch Rolling and Fullin
17:00 J. Stahl The Frictional Force on the Slug in Shear Cutting
17:25 End of Sessions


Wednesday, March 31st 2021
Chairperson Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Prof. F. Micari 09:05 M. Dykiert Fracture Characterisation by Butterfly-Tests and Damage Modelling of Advanced High Strength Steels
09:30 P. Hetz Determination of the Biaxial Anisotropy Coefficient Using a Single Layer Sheet Metal Compression Test
09:55 F. Knieps Local Strain Measurement in Tensile Test for an Optimized Characterization of Packaging Steel for Finite Element Analysis
10:20 Coffee Break / Breakout Rooms
Prof. J. Duflou 10:35 J. Hafenecker Stretch Forming of Ti-6Al-4V Hybrid Parts at Elevated Temperature
11:00 J. Lehmann Introducing Residual Stresses on Sheet Metals by Slide Hardening under Stress Superposition
11:25 U. Durmaz Assessment of Springback Behavior of 800 – 1200 Mpa Dual-Phase Steel Grades
11:50 E. Scharifi Functional Gradation in Precipitation Hardenable AA7075 Alloy by Differential Cooling Strategies
12:15 Coffee Break / Breakout Rooms
Prof. H. Hagenah 12:30 A. Tomas Garcia Towards automatic part identification in sheet metal workshops
12:55 Dr. J. Ma Effect of stretching on springback in rotary stretch bending of aluminium alloy profiles
13:20 P. Müller Investigation of the Influence of a Superimposed Oscillated Forming Process on Forming Characteristics
13:45 Prof. M. Merklein Closing Ceremony
14:00 End of Conference

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